john alexandar

leslie burnett

julian jaramillo

paula castro

donny phan

daniel arenas

brian lightbody

a.f. cortés

brian lightbody

diksha watwani

andrea rollefson

jesse epstein

jeremy blakeslee

lindsay ballant

jeremy blakeslee

leif parsons

lauren denitzio

nicole kenny

thomas ng

andrea rollefson

duane bruton

elena wen

jacob schimmel

chris vollherbst

kevin allen

ian allen

purim jung

sound design for fortification by: k.r. jackson, tim showalter, lou rogai, jeff green, and tom asselin.

special thanks to heather blakeslee and ian boyle.

pablo pineda

photography by pablo \ body by giovani \ drawings by bernhart \ music by calla




You can contact us by sending an email to "info" at our URL. We hope you contribute to the next issue, and if you didnt make it to the launch party the gallery is open on weekends from 1-6 through august @ instigator gallery 220 north 8th st. in williamsburg, brooklyn. Thank you to everyone who contributed to fortification!

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